Project No. Project Title Leaders
1618F EGSHaz: Earthquake Geology and Seismic Hazards (focus group) Ioannis Papanikolaou, Petra Stepancikova, Christoph Grutzner
1619R GEMAP: Geological Earthquake Mapping of recent, historical and paleoseismic events: Quaternary Geology for Seismic Hazard Analyses Ioannis Papanikolaou, Pablo G. Silva, Luca Guerrieri,
Gerald Roberts, Klaus Reicherter, Petra Stepancikova,
Christoph Grutzner, Richard Koehler
1620R SURFACE: SURface FAulting Catalogue - Earthquakes
- Project Application
- Letter
- 2015 Report of the Kick-Off Meeting of the "SURE Database" Working Group
- Fault Displacement Hazards Analysis Workshop - Materials
Stephane Baize, James McCalpin, Franck Audemard,
Francesca R. Cinti, Carlos Costa, Alessandro Maria Michetti,
Koji Okumura, Oona Scotti