What we do

The PATA Days meeting (Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics, Archaeoseismology) is the main activity of the IFG TPPT. Due to the Corona situation, the planned meeting in Hornitos, Chile, in November 2020 had to be postponed for one year.

2021, November: PATA Days in Hornitos, Chile. This meeting covers Active tectonics/ neotectonics, Tectonic geomorphology, Surface faulting, Paleoseismology, Earthquake-induced landslides, Liquefaction, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment, Probabilistic Fault Hazard Displacement Analysis, Quaternary geochronology, Shallow geophysics for seismic hazard assessment, and Remote sensing of earthquake deformation (LiDAR, InSAR). There are very interesting pre- and post-meeting field trips, too. For both the excursions and the meeting itself space is limited, first come - first served. In order to ease the long time until the next PATA Days, we will organize a "PATA morning" in December 2020 with three solicited talks. At this occasion we will also present the abstract book with the 4-page short papers originally submitted for 2020.

2022: PATA Days in France

2023: PATA Days in China

Our IFG is also closely linked with the FAULT2SHA ESC working group.